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28 QMSH Scripts


Greetings. Welcome to 28 QMSH scripts - a collection of 256 example procedural-modelling scripts that demonstrate the use of the QMSH grammar.

The primary aim of these scripts is to help new users become better acquainted with the syntax and constructs of the Quick-Mesh scripting language.

The scripts provided on this page strive to be both instructive (in terms of how to procedurally define different types of 3D object) and referential in nature. The hope is that experienced proceduralites and qmsh-ers may also find them helpful as a respository for stimulating inspiration and as a basis upon which to build.

These scripts range in complexity - from single statements (that illustrate core language concepts) through to advanced re-useable parametric composites (sets of statements that represent objects commonly found in the physical world).

For each script accompanying figures (depicting the results of mesh assembly) are included alongside clarifying comments to draw attention to the vital features of each representation and the generative techniques employed.


This section includes a preview of some of the scripts defined in this collection to give prospective mesh-makers a sense of the types of entities expressed in this set.

Select one of the following icons to display a Web-GL preview of the mesh.


This collection of scripts is available as a PDF for offline reading.

PDF Download

The following link provides access to the collection of example scripts:

Note: ensure you have read and understood the Terms-of-Use before downloading.

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Note: ensure you have read and understood the Terms-of-Use before downloading.


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