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Greetings. Welcome to the QMSH forum - a collection of auxiliary support resources for users of the QMSH procedural modelling kernel and scripting language.


Presently this page acts as a placeholder for the QMSH Forum and as a notice board for early-adopters of the kernel and grammar. This is primarily to support dissemination of QMSH-centric news and updates. As time progresses features shall be added to this page to reflect the evolving needs of the community.


This section contains notices pertinent to mesh-makers.

Release of Visual-Editor for Android
Experimental Web-GL Support
Experimental Raspberry-Pi Support
Experimental 3D Interchange-Format Support

Note: functionality is added regularly so check back for progress updates.


This section lists known issues and corresponding work-arounds.

Kernel: Linux CPU-Architecture Support
Mobile-Editor: Tablet-Support
Mobile-Editor: Undo-Redo-Support
Unity-Plugin: Missing Parametrics
Kernel: Minimal-Vertex-Optimisation
Kernel: Non-Linear-Modifiers
Grammar: Automatic-Argument-Linearisation

Note: if you encounter an issue using the kernel or grammar that is not documented above, then you can report it by messaging: feedback@qmsh.org

If you need assistance working around these issues contact: support@qmsh.org


If you like QMSH and want to get more actively involved in the project there are many ways in which you can contribute. This section outlines some of things you can do to help shape and drive the development of the kernel and grammar.

Foremost: Create Awesome 3D Content!

As with all new technologies the-early-bird-gets-the-worm. Therefore take advantage of the beta incubation period to get to grips with high-level polyhedral-programming and start reining down awesome 3D entities! By creating and sharing high-quality 3D content you are not only helping to entice new mesh-makers into the fold but are also helping to establish the expressive-scope of the kernel and grammar.

Secondly: Provide Feedback on your Experiences

Your insights and observations are highly valued - and your feedback is welcomed. If you have thoughts on geometric-behaviour or performance, usability, efficiency or any aspect of the kernel or grammar then get it touch: feedback@qmsh.org

Thirdly: Report Bugs and Issues

By reporting any undocumented problems you encounter using the kernel and grammar you help to improve the stability and robustness of QMSH and the user-experience for future mesh-makers. Note: make sure to check the issue-tracker first though - just in case there are already known work-arounds.

Fourthly: Suggest and Request New Features

If you have ideas to improve quick-mesh or if there is functionality you would like to see added to the kernel and grammar - get in touch: feedback@qmsh.org

Fifthly: Spread the Word Hummingbird!

One of the best ways you can contribute to the growth and adoption of QMSH is to champion the kernel and grammar by spreading the word to fellow mesh-makers.

Questions & Answers

This section provides answers to questions related to QMSH.

What is Quick-Mesh?
What is a Quick-Mesh Kernel?
What is the Quick-Mesh Grammar?
What are the key limitations of Quick-Mesh?
Which platforms and environments are supported by Quick-Mesh?
Which pre-existing languages influenced the Quick-Mesh Grammar?
What differentiates Quick-Mesh from pre-existing shape-grammars?
How stable is the reference implementation of the Quick-Mesh Kernel?
How much does registration as an industrial user cost?
Does registration as an industrial user grant source-access?
Does registration as an industrial user grant redistribution-rights?
Why is redistribution currently forbidden?
When will redistributable versions of Quick-Mesh be available?
Which aspects of Quick-Mesh are non-procedural?

Note: if you can not find the answer to a question you have - get in touch.

For general enquiries message: info@qmsh.org
For technical queries message: support@qmsh.org

Help & Support

If you require any technical assistance using the Quick-Mesh Kernel, Editor, Plugin or Grammar feel free to contact support at: support@qmsh.org

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